Welcome to FinGalaxy Tech.

Specialists in Business Process Re-engineering and Operations Management. Pioneers in C2P (Contract to Payment) Management Software. FTPL offers mature yet affordable digital transformation solutions for Contract Management, Business Operations, Procurement and Accounts Payable Solutions for large and medium-size organizations.


FTPL is equipped with a wide range of offerings that help clients manage their end-to-end Business Operations.

Next Generation Capabilities

Value Enhancement through integration of BPM Technology with embedded features like OCR, WFM, DMS, AI/ML, and so on.

Smart Governance

Transition and Operations Management guided by Project Management approach lead by experts.

Subject Matter Expertise

Global F&A delivery capability with knowledge of IFTS, GAAPs, with-holding taxes & other country specific local laws.

Extensive Support

A team committed to excellence, ready to go up and above to face any situation at hand.

Salient Product Capabilities

Capabilities that FTPL products offer to its clients include:

Supplier Relationship

A comprehensive approach to manage supplier relationships.

Cost Savings

Maximize your cost savings by reducing your costs.

Contract Adherence

Guarantees contract adherence by all the parties involved.

Faster Time to Market

Reduce your time to market by automating manual processes

Driving Delivery Value

Drive your delivery value upwards.

Continuous Risk Assessment

Reduce your risk by identifying and mitigating them before hand.