Contract to Payment (C2P).

FTPL offers robust solution offerings to help our clients manage their Contract to Payment process in an agile and sustainable manner. With our extensive experience of over two decades in creating simplified solutions for complex business problems, we have developed agile technology platform which aims to provide enhanced value and cost savings by effectively inter-linking and unifying siloed functional processes.

Our solution empowers managers to have control over the end-to-end C2P process by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks, plugging gaps and decongesting process flows. We not only deliver the core service effectively and efficiently but also enhance value by seamless integration of underlying performance attributes like improved Contract Adherence, Time to Market, Supplier relationships etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Cloud based software.

C2P is cloud based software that is extremely easy to use by everyone involved in Contract Management & Payments Process. It optimises Contract Compliance & Procurement by enforcing process and having stringent controls that uphold the delegation of authority matrix and prevent maverick spending.

Right process for the right business.

C2P has a powerful workflow configuration to set up the rules for routing once Contract is finalised and is created. Approvals of payment requests follow predefined routes dependent on value of the purchase and role of the purchaser/ payment.

Information is purchasing power.

Payments & Procurement team can examine payment invoices / purchase requisitions and club them with other similar requirements to get the benefit of clubbed purchases. They have a database of vendors with nominal rates to use as a starting point.

Contracts Tracking.

Rate Negotiations can be initiated based on the alerts provided by C2P. C2P solution helps overcoming contracting challenges thereby integrating disparate systems providing spend visibility, highlight supplier issues for SUSTAINABLE VALUE.

Salient Product Capabilities

Capabilities that FTPL products offer to its clients include:

Supplier Relationship

A comprehensive approach to manage supplier relationships.

Cost Savings

Maximize your cost savings by reducing your costs.

Contract Adherence

Guarantees contract adherence by all the parties involved.

Faster Time to Market

Reduce your time to market by automating manual processes

Driving Delivery Value

Drive your delivery value upwards.

Continuous Risk Assessment

Reduce your risk by identifying and mitigating them before hand.